Commissions: CLOSED

will reopen: 01 DEC 2023


Terms of Service

What I Can Draw

  • I have the right to turn down a commission for any reason, including if I'm just not interested in the idea.
  • I can draw either safe or suggestive content.
  • I won't draw genitalia or sexual intercourse.
  • I won't draw underage characters.


  • I will not start working until I am paid in full.
  • Payments will be done in USD through PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App.
  • No refunds unless I decide to cancel the order.


  • I will share work-in-progress screenshots during the sketching process. This will be your opportunity to provide feedback. Please be specific and concise.
  • Once the final sketch has been approved, I will start working on the final render and will not accept any more requests for edits or changes, unless they have to do with color.


  • You will have complete ownership over the finished piece for personal use, however you must credit me where appropriate, and I reserve the right to post it to social media and use it to advertise my commissions.

General Prices

The following are common items I get commissioned for, so you can quickly get a rough idea of how much I might charge for what you want. Keep in mind these are just estimations, and the actual price will be affected by the specific details of your order. If you're looking for a more detailed price chart, scroll to the next section.

Character Art

$30 - $100

Profile Picture

$30 - $50

Social Stickers

$15 per sticker

Ref Sheet

$50 - $100

Logo Design

$50 per logo

Other Ideas?

Contact Me

Price Chart

The following guide explains how I price character art commissions. You can use it to get a more precise idea of how much I might charge you for a comm, but for other types of commissions you're just going to have to ask me. And again, keep in mind this is just an estimation, certain details about the commission might affect the price in ways that aren't listed here.

1. Choose the View







2. Choose the Background


+ $0


+ $10 May cost more or less depending on the complexity of the order


+ $10 You have to provide the photo

3. Choose the Render


+ $0 + $5 per additional character

Flat Color

+ $10 + $10 per additional character


+ $10 to $20 + $10 to $20 per additional character